Ordained Minister, Unitarian Universalist • Settled Minister, Shoreline UU Society • Certified Pastoral Care, AAIDD

The Rev. Jeanne Lloyd

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Rev. Jeanne offers the following workshops to congregations and non-profit organizations.

"Beauty, The Invisible Embrace" by John O'Donohue
'Beauty touches and renews our hope when it takes us out of the grid of ordinary time and brings us to another place, a place where history ceases and the weight of memory relents, a place ever ancient and ever new. For a while our hearts become young again, inspired with new vision and possibility.' (Beauty, the Invisible Embrace, p. 20)

Rev. Lloyd facilitates a 10 part monthly Reflection and Study series on this profound and provoking book written by John O'Donahue, author of Anam Cara and Conamara Blues. Our study of this book will lead us into the spiritual qualities and eternal nature of beauty, exploring possible mystical nuances of its invisible and ever present embrace. Deeper study will focus on those poignant and bittersweet moments of connection with Beauty that call us to the re-forming of ourselves and our lives, often when we least desire it.

"A Faith for All Seasons"
One of Rev. Lloyd's formative experiences as a seminarian was her independent study under The Rev. Bill Murry, Ph.D., who was then the President of Meadville Lombard Theological School (one of only two UU seminaries in the U.S.). In his book, 'A Faith for All Seasons,' Rev. Murry (who has ministered to UU congregations and served as a chaplain) describes religious humanism and liberal theism and how these ways of looking at life relate to serious loss, death, and tragedy. Rev. Lloyd offers a class focusing on this book using materials provided directly by Rev. Murry. Participants will gather with others to delve deeply in to the meaning and relevance of humanism in this bruised and hurting world.

Nonviolent Communication
Following the tragic happenings at Sandy Hook/Newtown, CT, Rev. Jeanne offered two years of non-violent communication classes to MUUS members and friends. We may not be able to change the past, but we can change the future.

Governance & Ministry
Rev. Gil Rendle, author of 'Leading Change' says of the book, 'Governance and Ministry, Rethinking Leadership', 'our faith is held as 'treasure in earthen vessels'. then it matters how we use [the] vessels [of our faith, namely our] congregations . . .' The author of the book, 'Governance & Ministry', Rev. Dan Hotchkiss, says, 'governance in congregations is not the science of achieving optimal results through organizational re-engineering. Governance is an expressive art, like preaching. The forms of our congregations must reflect the values and perceptions of the sacred at their heart. [Our] congregations need skills and methods for negotiating 'our way' of governance and for passing the torch effectively to new leaders.' Rev. Lloyd adds, 'If we want to create a sustainable vessel of Unitarian Universalism in this region, one that will live past our own lives and enrich others, it's important that we align our shared ministry toward a common purpose.' In this class, Rev. Lloyd and other leaders, staff and members explore and develop new models of understanding, language and practical skills to build an even more vibrant, long-lasting and courageous congregation.

Small Group Ministry Covenant Groups
Rev. Lloyd offers a variety of Small Group Ministry classes in order that the participants may reflect and share deeply their spiritual values.

Finding Your Mission in Life
Finding that place where your passion and the world's 'deep hunger' meet is not always easy. You will leave this workshop with a strong sense of what you are called to do in order to live a meaningful and fulfilled life.

First Contact, Charting Inner Space
Based on a book written by Dave Hingsburger, this workshop helps staff who work in human services grapple with the difference between providing custodian care and truly establishing contact, rapport and relationship with those we serve. It offers staff the opportunity to reflect on the ways their work makes a difference, even when working with those whose language we do not understand.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Explore one of the most invisible oppressions present in our American society. Drawing on historical and current examples ranging from warehousing to murder, the Rev. Jeanne Lloyd will speak on the ways that citizens with developmental disabilities have been segregated from society, how this practice continues today, and new initiatives that are happening across the country to bring congregations into right relationship with people who have for so long, been out of sight and missing from our consciousness as a nation.

Supporting Others in Moments of Grief
This workshop offers practical suggestions for supporting a person with developmental disabilities who is dealing with grief and loss. Topics will include lessons for healing after: a sudden death, the loss of a parent, the loss of a child, the loss of a peer, tragic community events. Also addressed will be ways to help a staff person heal after a loss, and ways to help a group heal after a loss. Emphasis is placed on helping people find ways to express their sadness, so that they can do not get 'stuck' in the grief process.

Making Life Easier At the End
This workshop reviews the historical precedents and legal concepts regarding 'Living Wills' (i.e., a person's rights, informed consent, advance directives, conservatorship, health care agent, etc.) Forms will be provided by the State of Connecticut's Attorney General. DMR Advisories regarding 'Living Wills' for DMR clients, will also be reviewed. The existence of a properly executed 'living will' can give families peace of mind during times of loss and grief because the dying person's wishes are known and executed. Peace of mind, at such times, is a precious gift.